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Thanks for stopping by to visit a world of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I'm your tour guide, Gregory M. Thompson. I am obligated to go over the safety procedures in case you fall into one of my stories. I should just tell you now: there are no such procedures. The only thing you can do is finish the book or story. And hopefully you'll make it out alive.

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Otherwise, tip-toe around because what lurks in these pages... Well, I shouldn't say anymore. Enjoy your visit and don't worry, it's okay to scream.




Five survivors hear a converted tornado siren and watch a mass exodus of zombies approach their campground. They've been safe for three months, but now it's time to move on. Percy, Jack, Harry, Melody, and Joann decide to travel further into the state park to find solace from the undead. However, as they get deeper into the forest, a discovery awaits them that is more horrific than what is chasing them.

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Lilacs is the story of Max, who ready for the next step in his life: a big promotion at work. Except on the day of his interview, he’s late and in a rush. A chance meeting with a lady selling flowers sets to change Max’s life forever. Lilacs is a tale of fate and decisions driven by seemingly harmless flowers. Lilacs: The flowers tell a different story. 

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For digital copies, you can buy it from AMAZON or from BARNES & NOBLE.

If you're in the Kankakee County Area, you can pick up a copy at The Dragon's Refuge in Bourbonnais near Northfield Square Mall

If you want a copy are far, far away from The Dragon's Refuge, then send me an e-mail, and I can invoice you via PayPal. The cost is $6 and that includes shipping.