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Thanks for stopping by to visit a world of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. I'm your tour guide, Gregory M. Thompson. I am obligated to go over the safety procedures in case you fall into one of my stories. I should just tell you now: there are no such procedures. The only thing you can do is finish the book or story. And hopefully you'll make it out alive.

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Otherwise, tip-toe around because what lurks in these pages... Well, I shouldn't say anymore. Enjoy your visit and don't worry, it's okay to scream.


In a world full of zombies, love can save anyone.



It was Tuesday. Reports of zombies bombarded the news channels, crashed the internet, and created a worldwide panic. Within weeks, streets are littered with the slow-moving undead and the occasional survivor scavenging for food. But for David, a bigger struggle is happening inside his house. His wife Nadine refuses to live in a world controlled by creatures motivated by one thing: flesh. She wants to die and makes no effort to hide her desire. 

Now David must ensure that their home is safe, they have enough supplies, and Nadine doesn't try to kill herself when he's gone. Nadine's become lethargic, her only solace an armchair facing their front door. But no matter if she looks peaceful or content, David is sure she's ready to bolt from the house and be annihilated by zombies.

There's hope they'll be able to move to a Safe Zone soon, but David isn't sure Nadine is willing to go. 

Not even for him.



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